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  • Pros:

    - Very detailed enviroments. VERY DETAILED.
    - Custom graffiti.
    - Lenght of chapters is just fine.
    - Well-placed ammo and goodies in all chapters.
    - Random and innovating panic events.
    - Multiple path choice.
    - L4D1 survivors.
    - Easter eggs.
    - Original finale, with two possible rescue vehicles.


    - Color correction, wich is good, but can get annoying from time to time since there are so many areas with their own color setting.
    - Takes time to load the chapters. Much more than other campaigns.
    - Can get a little laggy from time to time. Needs an optimization.
    - Certain bugs in the second chapter can get you trapped in trees.
    - Water that kills you should be more warned, "THE WATER IS CONTAMINATED AND IT WILL KILL YOU" kinda warning.


    Long, challenging, innovating campaign. Easy a first place in the 2012 releases. You can tell all the effort put in this campaign and it is very fun to play, alone or with friends. While playing with my hommies we couldn't stop singing "Back to School" by Deftones, you should put that song in the credits, LOL.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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