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  • Pros:

    - Piers is AWESOME
    - Name replacement
    - Very detailed BSAA Uniform


    - the VGUIs
    - a bug occurs when he's holding the axe in third-person view (i don't know if the other melee's have problems as well)
    - his arms in first-person view are still ellis'


    I know it's still in BETA,... so I'm giving it a 9.9,.. :)
    and I'm not expecting any facial animations btw,..
    hopefully, you'll update this mod soon,..
    I'm looking forward to it,...
    Oh, and just a little suggestion,..
    make a survivor pack instead,...
    Nick as re6_Leon (I know you already have this)
    Coach as re6_Chris
    Ellis as Piers
    Rochelle as Helena
    can't wait for this mod to be 100% done,.. :)

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