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  • Good one

    1. Custom dialogs
    2. Lots of pickup
    3. Entertaining, long, and beutiful campaign
    1. Need more directions
    2. 8 tanks at ending, seriously?!
    First map:
    Road to car a bit dull, perhaps decorate it more?

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  • Mod
    Improved Talker

    This mod will improved all L4D2 character talking line. I've made this based on Modified Talker and Unused Talker (credits goes to Morning Nine Nine and KillzNThrillz). I've already most all of this to the original L4D character (files *...

  • Mod
    GaNi Mutation Mod with Single Player Fixed

    In my opinion about mutation mod, I've found GaNi was the best. Now, with Dziggy single player fixed came out earlier, I've done some improvement over his mod. Original credits goes to GaNi (Gaming Extreme) and Dziggy. Hopefully you all ...

  • Mod
    SMG as Sidearm - Fixed

    This mod originally made by Barrage_o_Fail, I'm just fixed the missing hand in L4D1 survivors and now MP5 also as can be used as a sidearm. Hope you like it (and thanks to Barrage_o_Fail for his idea). Now bots will pickup the SMG.

  • Mod
    Super Assault Rifles

    Machine gun dismemberment, refillable ammunition, plus 1000 ammo for all assault rifles, why not? Change made on the ammunition type of every assault rifles (AK47, M16, SCAR, SG552) with machine gun ammunition type, damage to SI aren't c...


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