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  • Pros:

    -Really Well Made Map
    -Plot Driven Survival Map
    -Forced Teamwork
    -L4D1 Bots Helping You Out.


    -No warning when the bridge is about to break. (-1)
    -The bots are really stupid in this map (EX:they jump in the field where all the zombies spawn and get killed.) (-5)


    Overall, this is one of the best zombie survival maps out there, definitely worth a download.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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  • Mod
    ShaDoWLaZeR's Conversation Mod
    Beta N/A

    A radial menu that modifies the 2 original menus as well as adding 2 new ones. This mod is mostly specified in survivor conversations, it is not intended to be useful. Read the changelog for help.


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