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    -Len + L4D2 = *freak out*
    -Full GUI


    -Some of his materials file names were not changed from miku's, so if you don't recompile it yourself with file name changes he will conflict with Miku. *fixed* =D
    -No facial animations, but thats very common since it's such a pain to do.


    Great job it's wonderful, amazing for a first attempt. =)

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Published Items

  • Mod
    BlackRock Shooter Theme: Icons

    On this dark and cracked road, without the faintest light~ Replaces main menu icons with BRS ones. The video is Black Impulse, I didn't make it. Read changelog for installation instructions~

  • Mod
    Backstreet Witch

    Same old same old. Re-uploaded. It magically disappeared, got into a slump and had to find its meaning in life, thought it was too cute for the world and commenced self deletion, I dunno. Read changelog for installation instructions~

  • Mod
    Main Menu Mute

    You will give me a fix. Mutes the menu music for L4D2 so if you have a custom .bik background that has it's own music interlaced into the video you don't have to hear the crappy default music conflicting. Video is an example of a .bik ...

  • Mod
    Lightning GUI

    Swaps Zoey's GUI name and images with Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Made to compliment a mod created by arby26 which replaces Zoey's models and skin with Lightning, use search bar. I didn't have much to work with, but enjoy!


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