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    -Nice long campaign that is far from a pain to complete in one sitting.
    -Pretty easy to navigate.
    -Enough supplies placed.
    -Plenty of weapons, both guns and melee.
    -No problems from the bots. At all.
    -Can take your time and explore without fear of constant horde spam (something a lot of custom campaigns tend to do).
    -Plenty of wide open spaces.
    -Plenty of defibs and frag/incendiary ammo. 


    -Not many throwables at the finale.
    -An arrow directing the players to the boat would be helpful. I found my own way there with no problems, but other players might wait at the radio until the final run.


    You weren't kidding when you said 3 hours of zombie killing action! If anyone else here plans to make a long campaign, this is how you do it. Everything felt it was pieced together just right with a decent amount of supplies scattered throughout. There was never a moment where I felt frustrated or annoyed with anything as I played through. Very well done. A must play for players of any level.

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