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  • Overall a Good Western Style Map

    Played all 4 Maps with Bots and no issues. Graphics were good and I didn't see any missing textures. Blowing sand and wind
    adds to the desolate environment. Here's each Map:
    Map #1 Tracks nicely done look of an abandoned mining area. I really didn't see what the value was of releasing the mine
    cars was. I went down and it looked like no blocks to forward progress. Went back up and released both. Then proceeded on to eventually
    the safe room. (I might go play it again to see if I missed something),
    Map #2 Mine  Liked the overall abandoned look with rusty rails, mining tools, and mine carts and dust. No issues to report. Bot Navigation was spot on. No missing textures noted. No issues noted. Good map overall.
    Map #3 Town Again no issues to report. Did have to replay it after Ellis early on had a Smoker take him over the side where neither the Bots nor
    myself could reach him. I played further but apparently there are no rooms to revive a fallen player. So just restarted it. 
    Map #4 Finale has again no issues. Blowing sand can obstruct your view but that's just part of the environment. Several good places to hold out
    with plenty of hand thrown objects to use. Lost nick when he got in way of a bile bomb and was buried under the hordes. Meanwhile the rest of us went to the helicopter. Bots actually stayed with me and didn't (as is typical) go to rescue the fallen Bot). 
    My favorite weapon the Sniper Rifle was not available. However with the amount of ammo scattered and dust storms reducing visibility it was better to use the AK-47.
    So maybe it could use more detail in some of the rooms (tools boxes etc) but I like to think others got there first and looted the place. <G>
    Thanks for taking the time to creating this campaign. It's well worth playing!

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