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Have a sound mod in mind that you want done but cant find because its too obscure? Send me a message with a description and possibly a link to the song in question and Ill make the vpk for you! It really doesnt take that long, s

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    - very realistic texture
    - the Tank is darker and grittier than ever
    - fits very well into the game universe, very believable 


    How could there be?


    This has been my tank skin for a long while now, great to see this mod on this site, more people need this skin! Great job man!

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  • Mod
    Jazzy Smoker Music (FFXIII)

    I just thought that this music somehow fit the Smoker, as if he's dancing to it! Its from Final Fantasy XIII, so I didnt make it but its so perfect! Also, it goes shockingly well with the Bill Cosby Smoker voice mod. (cant add URL) Ju...

  • Mod
    Smoker Voiced by Me

    Ive now replaced the Smoker voice with my own! Now you can experience the absolutely appalling sounds that I can somehow make with nothing but my vocal chords and seasonal allergies! Good luck keeping your sanity in versus! Feedback appr...

  • Mod
    Jockey Voiced by Me

    What happens when you decide to take and afternoon to voice over all the Jockeys vocal sounds? Well, this! Made this a while ago and I always thought it was creepy to hear myself as a bloodthirsty zombie, so I thought you would too! IT...

  • Mod
    Dead 4 Space 2 (Infected Music)

    I always thought that the Dead Space soundtrack would go well with Left 4 Dead 2, and would ya look at that! It did! This music just adds a bit more intensity to encounters with Specials. I may add more music later on for commons and suc...


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