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  • Pros:

    Looks nice.
    Pretty long.
    New ideas and events.
    Run and gun finale.
    The firepit was great fun!


    Crashes due to virtual memory in map 3 [I have an SSD so don't use a page file].
    Visual basic crash after the finale.
    The survivors do not shoot or get attacked, they are just ornamental which is a pain as you are relying on them instinctively.
    Need more melees if you are going to be forced through unending panics.
    The arrows need to be a little clearer on the first map, we went in a loop twice around the house!
    Not enough respawn rooms really.
    Firepit timer not tight enough, ran it easily with a needle.
    First map could really do with a split after the house [force through the train and make it a safe room?] cause it was pretty long for a first map. No chance to really warm up.


    Had a lot of fun exploring the campaign, felt like new places, especially the farmlands which seemed better done than Blood Harvest. The crashes I was having were shared by one other person so it was not unique to me I guess. I'm going to reinstall on a regular drive and have another go tho, cause it was good fun.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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