Ponies with guns.

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  • Pros:

    -Exactly what you said in the video. It's BEAUTIFUL.
    -Tons of commands to explore
    -Awesome to the max. Honestly, this is great.


    -The commands aren't "combat accessible" because the function keys are out of the way on the keyboard.


    This is a fantastic, if unexpected mod from Doktor Haus. I plan on having lots more fun now in versus and campaign. On a side note, a good modder and friend of mine informed me that to "add "+exec vocalizer.cfg" to your L4D2 launch options", you get on Steam, go to L4D2 in your Library, right click, Properties, and under the General Tab there should be Launch options. Make sure you put the "" in!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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