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  • Pros:

    -awesome quality model 
    -great animations 
    -particle effects
    -its a barett (it feels powerful when you shoot it)
    -good preview vid with a good taste of music like always




    finally some more alternatives for the css weapons. thank you very much all your mods have a very high quality standard i would rate them 11 if it would be possible. i can recommend anyone to check out the dr house weapons.

Published Items

  • Mod
    file case

    retextured file case. one of them (with the engine turned metal was made by S_low and got edited from me.

  • Mod
    HD motel desk

    HD Motel desk. you can preview it in the back to school campain first lvl inside the house and for sure in other campains too this mod will be added to the realism mod pack 1 when i collected enough textures

  • Mod
    HD electrical box

    i already made one for the realism mod pack it was worn and dirty. but i found out that these boxes are also placed inside buildings so i made this less dirty box will be added to the realism mod pack 1 when i collected enough textures

  • Mod
    HD gun cabinett

    just a retexture of the gun cabinett can be found in the stormy outlook survival map and for sure in other campains too. all these small textures will be added to my realism mod pack 1 when i collected enough textures

  • Mod
    realism mod (pack 8) HD Doors

    replacing all doors with hd ones. it still need a bit testing if all doors are fitting in the environment when playing through different campains and possible some doors may change. but here are already some preview screens how it will ...

  • Mod
    realismmod (pack7) special infected

    (the sknis were not made from me but i asked the authors for the permission) this mod replacing all special infected i put this pack together that people will have all infected including sounds in 1 vpk. the idea behind that is that i w...

  • Mod
    bloody chainsaw

    nothing special just fixed the bloody eviil dead chainsaw from wolfy_trail made a new more bloody front and edited the vmt that it will work with high shader that the blood and front wont look like chrome anymore its an early version bu...

  • Mod
    realism mod (pack 5) carpack

    replacing cars www(dot)fotos-hochladen(dot)net/view/mechanicbodycblqxfn54jg.jpg preview note !!!!!! plz redownload the realism pack 4 that i updated some days ago that the trailer will show up because there was a texture of the default...

  • Mod
    realism mod (pack 2) modern art

    i replaced paintings with real art 18+ some contain nudity huge improvements made with that update changed some paintings and make them fit the game more so you cant find nudity posters in chilrooms or paintings with nudity in the hos...


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