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    1. -Better remove the custom scripts and put links in descriptions.
        -And they made my game crach forced to reboot because nick took a rock from tank on farm map.
        -Always keep released maps/campaingns on default/original/vanilla scripts.
    2. Both Maps needs optimisations.
    3. Spoted 1 wall missplaced in one of the  upstairs farm house room, might be more on both maps.
    4. Some miss used metal textures on prison ladders and staires. 
        keep the texture in question for the steps and use another one flat metal for the hand safe and barres.
        Or used a prefab staires model.
    5. -That grass with big daisies texture on farm is awfull :P
        -Also you must keep the texture size to default, they're are strethed and look ugly (hint: the dry grass decals in the barn storage, where is the tractor truck and tons of gas cans)
    6. your version is wrong, it's 0.6 :P
        1.0 and above is for Complete and/or Final.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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