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    HQ model
    HD textures
    great looks
    works online


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    I remember this from banana... Nice to see it here.
    This is a fantastic skin/model with huge attention to detail.
    A little bit reminds me of those hybrid creatures from Underworld films.
    Note: I don't count this as a "con" since it's a technical necessity/workaround with models, the head hitbox is shifted so when playing single-player or hosting local headshots count as body damage. So you get a tad more difficult hunter killing in single player.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Deployable Tree (bilebomb fx)

    I didn't think I'd release this because I've hit some problems at first and had no time or will to complete it. But here it is. Now you can deploy an artificial tree to lure some zombies away with a xmas/new year style. Of course, since ...

  • Mod
    Xmas menu music

    Christmas & New Year themed menu music 1- I wish you a merry christmas (karaoke version) 2- Nutcracker theme (classics) 3- Trepak (remix) 4- Jingle bells karaoke version 5- Jingle Bells (cover) Tracks were chosen to go along with the bac...

  • Mod
    Xmas menu background videos

    Replaces default videos Recorded on maps: 1'Last Gift' 2'4 Below' 3'Absolute Zero' 4'Hallowed Winter' 5'Wan Li' Installation: You'd need GCFScape tinyurl[dot]com/qz4bqjc to open the vpk. Exctract all .bik files to left4dead2\media OR, y...

  • Mod
    Particles Support Addon

    v1.1: - added missing materials for Gunkanjima - now it's possible to disable some head effects with notepad++ editing of vpk (see changelog) contains particle effects and materials ofr the following mods: Coffee pain pills (any version...

  • Mod
    Horzine DAR Robot [beta]
    Beta N/A

    -update: fixed online anims, medkit/defi position, made 'scratches' on body deeper (bumpmap). Special thanks to ZeqMacaw for his noble and useful help on several bug occasions. Horzine Biotech Domestic Assistance Robot has been sent to ...

  • Mod
    Ghost Rider (with HUD)

    update: cut out particles also, now default hud icon is 'transparent', and incap is 'original' by default. can be changed with notepad++ editing Known issues: blocks view, floats in the air after death, it disappears if your team dies, ...

  • Mod
    Coffee - Starbucks

    -update: cut the particles out Editing .vpk with notepad++ (applies to other coffee release as well) To change icon to b&w, open vpk with Notepad++ replace all colr'//icontype to mono'//icontype To disable icon, replace scripts with s...

  • Mod
    Ellis Robotic Voice [Horzine DAR Robot]

    This was made back in January but suspended due to the main D.A.R. mod wasn't ready. Replaces all Ellis voice files with converted to robot-alike versions. File size is so huge because I couldn't use mp3 without sounds manifests editing,...

  • Mod
    Pink Elephant Plushie (Tank) with icons

    - music loops seamless now - renamed hud icons vtf to avoid conflicts No need to run any sound update/rebuild cache commands. If you want to disable music, open vpk with Notepad++ and replace wav with xxx.

  • Mod
    Donkey Kong Tank (with icons and music)

    - revamped music, now seamless loop - defined custom vtf names for hud icons to prevent conflicts No need to run any sound update/rebuild cache commands. If you want to disable music, open vpk with Notepad++ and replace wav with xxx.

  • Mod
    HUD icons for Stay Puft Tank

    - Defined custom vtf names within vmt to eliminate possible conflicts with other hud addons & infected icon packs This DOES NOT include the tank mod itself, as Stay Puft (author) asked me to. I've linked the mod so you can download.

  • Mod
    Ghostbusters Tank Music

    Replaces all Tank music files with the theme song. Consists of instrumental karaoke version and three alternate cover versions of original song. Made for Stay Puft's Marshmallow tank mod. Seamless loops for all tracks. Volume gain has be...

  • Mod
    Fleshpound (with icons, sounds & particle fx)

    - revamped attack music - hud icons renamed to avoid conflicts - particle effects tweaked screenshots are outdated. watch video. to disable sounds, open vpk with Notepad++ and replace wav with xxx model compile, skin - Splinks sounds ...


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