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  • Pros:

    - incredible level design
    - well thought out progression through maps
    - very nice detailing, but...
    - impressive technically (scripting, multiple paths, etc)


    - poor frame rates
    - consistently too dark throughout campaign
    - collision bug with helicopter wreckage
    - zombies punch through bottom of finale plane
    - bots occasionally get stuck
    - usually not clear where to go or what to do


    The creators of this campaign obviously put a massive amount of work and attention into this project, it's just too bad they missed some fairly obvious and easy to fix problems. 
    The level of detail is amazing, but if you're going to do that you need to put just as much work into optimizing the area as well. Also, the level of detail can't just be outrageous all the time because when everything has tons of stuff it all starts to look the same and you can't tell rooms and areas apart. Combined with the lack of lighting to indicate which direction to travel in--and lack of lighting in general--makes it consistently hard to find your way through the maps. It's kind of a shame that people with this much talent and experience at game content creation made what are typically newbie errors. The collision problems with the helicopter wreckage and the finale plane in particular are surprising, as those should have been very easy to catch during beta testing and also very easy to fix.
    Hopefully they'll get this stuff figured out as this could be the greatest user created l4d content ever created.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    Die Screaming II


    It's the L4D2 port of Die Screaming campaign and Forage survival map. Special thanks to: - Soup Toaster for give me permission to port L4D1 campaign to L4D2. - RabidMonkey (Spence) for give me permission to port Forage survival map...

  • 5 Maps

    Die Screaming 2 (Variant)

    It's the L4D2 port of the "Die Screaming" campaign and "Forage" survival map Special thanks to Soup Toaster ("Rellik") and RabidMonkey ("Spence") for giving us permission to port Trunten (Ryan) for keeping this project alive (including...

  • 7 Maps

    L4D2: DeadWorld

    DeadWorld is a massive cooperative expansion that includes multiple campaigns, social spaces, and new game types to update Valve Software's smash hit franchise. The goal is to wrap a "living world" around L4D2. Set nine years after the ...

  • 4 Maps

    Deadenator 1


    A doomsday cult is using radio messages to lure survivors into deadly traps. Someone has to take out their radio tower and stop the slaughter. That someone is you. And you and you and you. Deadenator is a 4 map co-op campaign designed t...

  • 5 Maps

    Die Screaming


    1.0 release of a five map campaign that aims to deliver the same solid experience of Valves official maps. Should be bug-free now. Feed back is appreciated!

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