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This is Serial and Death Angel, We are co-authors of all releases. (Adnauseam and Death Angel on this site)

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    Fun to play
     Good pacing
    Good mapping
    Intense Finale


    None since last update


    Me and my team had good zombie killing fun with this campaign
    worth a download and play

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Published Items

  • Mod
    Death Angel as Zoey

    Fixed to work After Death Toll update Presenting Death Angel as Zoey not to be CONFUSED WITH ZOEY Death Angel is SEXY and has a SMOKEN BODY. She is FULLY GROWN and not a teenager. If you don't like SUPER HOT WOMEN In your game DO NOT DOW...

  • Mod
    ZOMBIE HUNTER Zoey (Death Angel)

    Fixes issues caused by Death Toll update ALL NEW!!! Version 4.0 Major update NEW Textures For EYES, T-SHIRT, BELT and PANTS THIS UPDATE IS TEXTURES ONLY SAME MODEL SAME JIGGLE This is a prerelease of my ZOMBIE HUNTER skin Packs The vid...

  • Mod
    Zombie Death Machine

    First PreRelease of the Zombie Hunter Skin Pack The Four symbols on the Sides are for the four original ZOMBIS HUNTERS The roof design is for the entire crew a fun new van for all you ZOMBIE HUNTERS Will replace all WHITE VANS in al...

  • Mod
    Mystery Machine

    This was our very first skin Just for FUN It does REPLACE all White VANS IN EVERY CAMPAIGN. It does show up way to much in some campaigns. But you can just disable it for those or don't download it


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