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  • Pros:

    - The daylight makes it feel like a custom campaign
    - The amount of different common infected adds to the atmosphere of actually being a city
    - Three tanks in the finale makes it more exciting like Swamp Fever's finale
    - Wandering witches fit the daylight theme
    - The survivors have "conversations" in the saferooms so it's not so quiet


    - The L4D1 commons cast a weird square shadow
    - The Jimmy Gibs Jr, riot, and clown infected felt out of place
    - The bus stop glass at the airport entrance was missing textures for me
    - The bots wouldn't climb the dumpster in map 2's event
    - The background buildings are missing which makes everything feel a little empty


    The campaign as a whole gives a "new but familiar" feel with the different lighting and infected. The conversations that the survivors have are interesting but some of the dialogue doesn't really make sense. The only things that I have a problem with is that a few of the uncommon infected don't make sense. I only saw one clown in the finale which is funny but doesn't fit if there are more than one. Just fix up the bots' movements and it's fine!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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