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At this current time, I am unable to make mods or play L4D2 due to computer trouble. My situation should get better eventually.

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    good beginning.
    Found the ending great with the tunnel collapsing




    The map works as it is supposed to do now. Apparently it had to do with the missing texture from the release.  

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    Elite Beat Agents (EBA) Concert

    a concert mod consisting of songs from the Elite Beat Agents series. All the songs in this mod are the game version and not the actual songs except for the EBA Title theme as the Tank music. The first EBA related mod on L4Dmaps. I had a...

  • Mod
    KingSpartaX37(Delta Brony) Concert

    A concert and Tank mod made using KingSpartaX37's remixes. You can listen to his songs on Youtube. Just search 'KingSpartaX37' up on youtube. Songs in this mod are: Love is in Bloom (His World Remix) in the place of Midnight Ride. Kin...

  • Mod
    Italian MLP Concert

    I decided to make a concert mod with songs from the Italian version of MLP because there could be some MLP and L4D fans in Italy. The main/mane songs are the Italian MLP opening and the Italian Art of the Dress while only one Tank song ...

  • Mod
    Changeling & Candance Vs. Mane 6

    This is my first MLP concert mod. The songs in the row are: This Day Aria (Rock version) This Day Aria (Instrumental) At The Gala (Rock version) At The Gala (Instrumental) ~new songs~ Loco - replaces Skinonourteeth Rainbow Factory - re...

  • Mod
    Loco Tank music

    A Request by LordTonychicken for the picky type. This mod replaces the Tank music to Loco by Pinkie Guy, a brony.

  • Mod
    Curse of Pinkamena Tank sound replacement

    This mod replaces the music heard in all the campaigns save for c2m5's Tank music with Shattered (Curse of Pinkamena). In this Tank mod, Pinkamena is considered to be the demonic entity that tortures Pinkie Pie by hating her friends and ...


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