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  • Pros:

    + Fresh feeling. Has quite a nice intro.
    + Snow and ice is quite nice. The fact that you slide keeps me occupied for quite a while.
    + "Snipers in the hills" are very useful. Unrealistic, but useful.
    + Great selection of weapons.
    + Unique. The building feels warm, and cozy.


    - The fireworks to call the snipers was in the most inconvenient place.
    - Not many places to hold off.
    - Dogs? Frozen animals? It was a bit out of place.
    - For a hunting lodge, the owner must be extremely rich to only access it by helicopter, considering the entire place is a crater.
    - The building is near-impossible to defend.


    Re-playable, and initially quite a fun map. But very difficult to go anywhere with. Map is quite small, and feels pretty clustered. It'd be nice if this map was expanded a little, adding a few more places to go and potentially, to hold off.

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