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  • Pros:

    - Amazing amount of detail.
    - Great atmosphere.
    - Some custom objectives here and there.
    - Extremely polished... outside of a few pretty glaring problems.


    - The way forward isn't always 100% clear
    - Seems to be pretty buggy; a lot of missing sounds, and the campaign doesn't seem to play nice with other music mods.
    - Crashed while loading the third map (common problem with highly detailed campaigns). 


    This campaign has the potential to be something really special. 
    Unfortunately, it's a little too buggy for me to recommend wholeheartedly to anyone; in addition to the game crashing while loading the third map, I ran in to all kinds of other oddities, like floating items in the starting safe room of the second map, and missing Special Infected music. The map maker did a good job putting arrows to help direct you to the goal, but sometimes, those aren't useful - I found some arrows in the mall that apparently pointed me in circles, and with how detailed everything is, it's really easy to walk right past some of the tighter corridors and not see where you're meant to go next.
    I want to love this campaign, and I kind of already do, but it needs just a little more work to be considered truly great.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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