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    Mix of Portal & L4D
    Custom textures
    Custom models
    Customs sounds
    Custom voices
    Custom music
    Training with a storyline to it as well
    Re-train as much as you'd like before proceeding to the next area
    NPCs that move around
    Easter eggs


    Some graphical glitches with some NPC animations.
    The campaign is not finished yet


    I love this map. It not even finished yet and it's awesome. There have been previous Witch training maps but this is exceptionally better in so many ways.  I love the custom voices , it sounds like things I would say joking around. I can't wait to see the rest of the campaign. Fantastic job Tisa :D

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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  • 5 Maps
    No Mercy Reversed & Blood Harvest Reversed

    This pack contains the following campaigns: No Mercy (Reversed) by bellbell Blood Harvest (Reversed) by BeefnCheez/Codestar No Mercy (Park) by Carlos Coronado. 12 maps total updated by me. READ the CHANGELOG for full details BEFORE in...

  • Mod
    Restore Survivor Upgrade Text
    Alpha N/A

    As some of you know (or may not know), L4D has an upgrade system that is disabled by default. The upgrade system itself is NOT a mod. It is built into the game itself. However, you do need a plugin to enable it. You will see this text on...

  • 7 Maps
    Hard Expert Mode Campaign Pack

    READ the CHANGELOG for full details BEFORE installing this pack! This pack contains the following campaigns by Gladiator: No Mercy (Hard Expert Mode) Death Toll (Hard Expert Mode) Dead Air (Hard Expert Mode) Blood Harvest (Hard Expert...

  • Mod
    Higher Quality Jukebox Music

    This pack contains higher quality versions of the songs played in the Jukebox. These are basically the true originals minus the 'vinyl static intro'. I also increased their volume so you can hear them better in game even while things are...


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