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Attention boat owner, we are the cops. I command you to pick us up.

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    - Highly detailed map; I couldn't find any texture or hitbox errors
    - Very unique events in the campaign, like having to restart an elevator or a round ending not in a safehouse (on a train instead)
    - Custom character dialogue and voices on the radio
    - Campaign doesn't copy tasks or recycle entire rooms from other maps, like other add-ons I've seen. It's pretty much entirely hand-made


    - Loading times between maps were substantially longer than any other map I've been on; even on single player
    - There were far too many special Infected on the maps; on the first one, I counted 11 Boomers. Christ, what is this, the South?
    - Health kits and spare ammo are probably the most scarce items in the campaign. The kits beyond safehouses  were almost always just one or two. There was also only 1-2 adrenaline shots or pills in the same place
    - There were a heap of dead ends in the campaign, where there's a large open space that seems promising until you realize you're going nowhere. Directional arrows would help.
    - Not really a con, but your voice acting could be better.


    It's extremely detailed and entertaining, but still requires some work. I wouldn't classify this as an official-worthy campaign unless it had some tweaks.

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    Unused Frontier Justice Taunt Sounds

    A simple modification that replaces the current Frontier Justice taunt sounds with unused ones I found in the "team fortress 2 content" GCF. There were only two "smash" sounds, however, so one of the default sounds are not replaced. More...


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