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    - The idea


    - Everything else


    This map is so flawed I don't know where to begin. There are little to no supplies, too many gas/propane/oxygen tanks everywhere, no kits in safe rooms, hardly any weapons anywhere (yet I found 3 grenade launchers and 2 M60 at the exact same spot), zombies spawn in plain sight and/or right behind you, path finding is completely screwed up IN ORIGINAL AREAS OF THE ORIGINAL MAP, i.e. CIs walk in circles, get stuck in seemingly nothing, run away to walk a circle around a car 15 meters ahead before attacking you... uncommon infected are also stupid. I mean, clowns in the hospital? Just, no.
    And of course THE main problem: the 'randomized pathing' does not mean 'randomized pathing'. It means '70% chance of having the two only paths blocked off at the same time so you need to restart'. It's absolutely unbearable to have to constantly vote 'restart chapter' just because the mapper didn't take the time to ensure there would always be one free path.
    And the 'additions' just to justify a different path (i.e. ladders in the hospital's elevator shafts, concrete wall in the middle of a catwalk, etc.) are idiotic, not inventive, not interesting, just plainly idiotic.
    On the No Mercy finale, I opened a door on top of the staircase and instantly three different musics started overlapping each other and playing at the same time while an endless horde came from the roof, where the chopper already was. I tried, I really did, but I stopped playing after having to restart Crash Course 1 for the fourth time.
    Just unplayable. Which is sad, because I really love the idea of a long, 'endurance' campaign with persistent everything. I could even stand all the other flaws if it weren't for the broken pathing and blocked paths.
    • there is ALWAYS a way through, you just have to find it.  i promise.  i have beat my head against the wall a couple times, but always found the bushes to jump on, the rope to climb up, or what have you.  pathing issue show a severe lack of imagination on your part.  if you wanted a clear map through a zombie infested city you should stick to silent hill or something with a map.  This is supposed to be a fair amount of relistic, and there isn't exactly anyone giving out maps of how the previous survivors got to their safe room, nor the crap they had to do to secure the route.

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  • Mod
    Witch theme - "Luna"

    The 'Luna' song by Eurobeat Brony as a replacement for the Witch's musical cue, attack theme and burning 'theme'. Looped in a somewhat decent fashion, shouldn't sound too off or anythiing. I don't own anything about this mod.

  • Mod
    Cutie Mark Crusaders Tank Theme

    Replaces the Tank theme with the instrumental version of the song 'We Are The Cutie Mark Crusaders', featured in 'The Show Stoppers' (S1E18). Starts at the second 'solo', and I looped the chorus part so the song doesn't end before the g...

  • Mod
    M16 Red Tiger camouflage

    Modern Warfare 2's Red Tiger camouflage applied to the M16A2 assault rifle. Just a simple reskin test I made, thought I'd share it because if anyone enjoys using it, then I didn't waste 5 minutes making it for nothing. I know it looks a...


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