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Thank you Chugga2012 for showing me how to create/make reskins! Thank you XD001 for sending me your image files! My picture consists of XD001's overlay and bronze background. Gamebanana has my spray mods. Learning how to mod Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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    Like the HUD Images
    I love how she has face animation
    Zoey's animations go great with her. 


    When walking crouched her butt looks like its melting
    Hair sometimes goes through the back of her head


    I started my left 4 dead 2 and tested this mod. Love everything about it but the cons.

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  • Mod
    Ellis - Jake Reskin

    What time is it? Adventure Time! Thank you Chugga2012 for teaching me how to reskin models. I didn't use anyone's textures <3. Adventure Time Teenangst (iTzMohab) & Ellis The Human (Potato of Justice) will be linked cause they are Adve...

  • Mod
    Juliet (Purple Pride) - Rochelle

    I noticed about the purple pride skin of Juliet. Then it made me wonder, how come it isn't in L4D2 yet? I made it for L4D2. :D There is something wrong with her eyes. Uses files from MrLanky's 'Juliet American Cheerleader'

  • Mod
    Steam Flag

    I used Splink's 'American Flag' DO NOT UPLOAD TO STEAM WORKSHOP Look in changelog for link to make a flag request.

  • Mod
    Adventure Time Teenangst

    This is a reskin of Arby26's Teenangst skin. Smooth leggings Thank you K1CHWA for adding detail! Deleted the other mod and reuploaded it because I have the finished version. I use different textures from K1chwa's/Miztaegg's Teenangst ...

  • Mod
    Mossberg 590 Special (Red Shells)

    This mod was not created by me it was created by Effinhaters. I asked him if I can upload the Mossberg with red shells. He said it was okay. Read the Changelog for more information. DO NOT UPLOAD TO STEAM WORKSHOP


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