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  • Pros:

    + Hatsune Miku
    + Custom Sounds
    + Good Texture [ Not the Best but it's there ]
    + Cute and Crazy
    + It Works


    - Pigtails don't move
    - No gloss effect on her clothes
     [ Armsleeve, skirt and leggings ]
    - No Facial Animations
    - "Plain" Feeling on texture
     [ Texture is not that bad, just plain ]
    - Wanted to be her onii-chan
     [ Do this and you'll die ]


    This Hatsune Witch MOD is really interesting
    Upon seeing it you'll have a "Plain" Feeling from seeing her
    The Plain feeling is from the plaid texture with minor details,
     But really its not bad at all, She looks cute and lovely
    The real score is within the custom sounds included, which i think fits her "Very" well
    Making you don't want to shoot her and be her onii-chan is really a ridiculous feeling, really . . 
    Because of the "onii-chans" you'll hear and her bragging of loneliness 
    Shes one Crazy and Lonely Hatsune Miku witch :D
    Plus it works fine without weird body flinching bugs, No pink square boxes whatsoever
    The texture is right there, but not the best, could use a lot of minor details
    But there is still room for improvement, And is definitely a welcome one if it eliminates the cons
    All in all i find this a "Re-Usable" Witch mod since it'll give you a different aspect of the witch aside from being scary
    A Good Mod

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