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    -It resembles the character that it is meant to be.
    -You clearly spent a lot of time on this and it shows.


    -His "dying" icon is in colour, so it would stand out from the other survivors.
    -The jacket and face could use improvement.


    I would love to see improvements on this because you did an excellent job.

Published Items

  • Mod
    Pinkie Pie's Hoard Call

    Replaces the 'Mob Incoming' sound with Pinkie Pie saying 'This calls for a party!'. The best place to hear this is during a survival game. It will play as soon as you call for rescue, but it will play during the main game as well. A pre...

  • Mod
    Silent Hill Siren

    Plays the siren from Silent Hill when the L4D2 survivors are in a safe room right when a campaign loads. It fades in and lasts about 6 seconds and then fades out. That way the effect is there but it doesn't get in the way of voice chat.

  • Mod
    My Little Pony TVs

    Replaces the TVs with TVs with images from My Little Pony. The Applejack TV is animated and looks the way it does because it's the TV that emits a static sound when you get close.

  • Mod
    Horror TVs

    TVs with a horror theme, now with more frames! One with a picture of the well from Ringu and the other with an animated static picture of Walter Sullivan from Silent Hill 4 staring back at you.

  • Mod
    Twilight Sparkle Molotov

    'Dear Princess Celestia, today I burned something.' The idea came to me when I realized the letters always get sent via burning of dragon fire. And since I know there will be more angry comments this time, you guys do know there's a wa...

  • Mod
    Anime Medical Cabinet

    A medical cabinet featuring Super Sonico, the mascot of Nitroplus. Stores pills, or in the case shown, one of the many soda mods from this website. Another user has continued this mod on the workshop so please check it out there.

  • Mod
    Weird Foreign Vending Machines

    Overseas you can get anything in vending machines! Toys, seafood... undergarments? Obviously, these aren't meant to fit in to the game's setting. These are for people who like to make things wacky! Translations are in the picture descri...

  • Mod
    Derpy Hooves Mail Dropbox

    Replaces the generic blue mail dropbox with a grey one with Derpy Hooves on it. **UPDATED** Now you'll actually get the one shown in the picture. Sorry about that mess. I wasn't aware there was a limit to how often you could update a mo...


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