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  • Pros:

    Very cool.
    Great barricade system.
    Excellent recreation of a excellent film.
    It's Return of The Living Dead in Left 4 Dead.


    There are not many however, when playing with bots it can be really annoying as bots shoot through the boards and it defeats the purpose. Also, this is a bit petty but, the music is too overpowered by the L4D music which is quite annoying.


    Great map based on the 1985 horror film Return of The Living Dead. The map is very true to the films and has soundtrack music playing in the background. It's a fun map, however it is a bit short(15 mins) and is a little bit buggy.
    Overall this is a fantastic map and i cannot wait for a full campaign. The SBS system is great and it definitely makes this map a must-play. And remember to Send More Paramedics!

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