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I have 1 year knowledge on map making.. I'm self taught with help sites and experience .. I have just released my L4d map.. Try it out and let me know what you think. Thanks

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    Its ok,
    I like the placement on the weapons and the theme is cool.. 


    the finale for the air condition is not right whats up with the door?? its made from a function brush and works off of what a logic timer? whatever the air condition does not really need four levers to move it. and the mall was ok but whats up with the timers on the finale for the mall? change that, its not real at all and makes it feel like a arcade game. 


    Its well put together on part of design but lacks on game play.. the story line adds the flavor but still lacks in areas of direction, the helicopter that explodes flys over for no reason but to crash to the ground.. Good to play for anyone looking for a change of events , rather then the same l4d maps.

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