Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead is a singleplayer and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game.
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Hunter speedrun MAP install to left 4 dead/left4dead/maps How to start map; s... More >
Updated 04/03/15
Uploader Cerbus
Author Cerbus

2 Dam It (Turtle Rock Studios)
3 Maps Co-Op Survival
Turtle Rock Studio's last Left 4 Dead campaign that was never finished, Dam I... More >
Updated 11/05/16
Uploader Trunten

3 Dead Street
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
- OBahn: Make your way through the bus track to the Bus station - Tunnel syst... More >
Updated 10/16/17
Uploader 273
Author Vaz 2107

4 Road To Nowhere
5 Maps Campaign
Fight your way trough the long road and find a rescue on the end of the bridge More >
Updated 12/04/17
Uploader 273
Author MapEater

5 Attica Region 2018
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Survivors find themselves imprisoned and must solve puzzles to advance throug... More >
Updated 01/05/18
Uploader 273
Author Vaz 2107

6 A Military History
4 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
My first map i made it for test and see what everyone think about it. A simpl... More >
Updated 01/22/19
Uploader andersonlino
Author AndersonCGW

7 peru
2 Maps Campaign
sobrevive a un mapa en el peru More >
Updated 06/06/19
Uploader 1125549
Author sebastinapro

8 Health Reform (Beta)
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
The survivors find themselves on a riverbed and follow a road to the town. Th... More >
Updated 12/13/19
Uploader Vaz2107

9 Dead Air Daytime
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
The daytime version of official campaign - Dead Air. More >
Updated 03/18/20
Uploader l4dmaps_ljj

10 Cottage of Doom
Barricade your cottage by destroying wooden props such as chairs, crates, tab... More >
Updated 06/26/09
Uploader ZAWMBIE

Popular Content (Today)
In this vocalizer you can spam Pills here! Molotov here! First aid here! Pipe... More >
Updated 09/19/20
Uploader valera2017
Author Ion, Val

2 musica del himno nacional y fondo de la bandera acional
Audio GUI
este mod lo que hace es cambiar el fondo del menú por la bandera nacional de ... More >
Updated 09/18/20
Uploader TV_man
Author TV_man

3 desert rifle rave
Audio Weapons
a mod for l4d1 this mod in you will find in steam workshop l4d2 original au... More >
Updated 09/16/20
Uploader Martinsonoda_145

4 Chrome Shotgun
Audio GUI Weapons
Chrome Shotgun a mod for l4d1 this mod in you will find in steam workshop l... More >
Updated 09/16/20
Uploader Martinsonoda_145
Author TiO2 EvoLve

5 MainGrass Survival
4 Maps Survival
A medium size map in night some where in small town. A map inspired by me, i ... More >
Updated 09/15/20
Uploader DespaKid
Author DespaKid

6 [L4D1] Bacterias.. But, with Ainsley's ''Heh Yeah Boii'' lines
Audio Infected
Replaces: Hunter, Smoker and Boomer Bacterias Ainsley Hariott: the one who m... More >
Updated 09/12/20
Uploader KleinerJay
Author Alester Wick

7 Alyx Mod Menu (INCOMPLETE!)
GUI Menus
Alyx Menu (WIP) Menu options include - 1. Main 2. Weapons 3. Infected 4. Di... More >
Updated 09/03/20
Uploader T_X_C
Author Dr. RageQuit

8 Sawed-off Pump Shotgun
Weapons Miscellaneous
Cuts the default pump shotgun's barrel down by ~4 inches and removes the fron... More >
Updated 09/01/20
Uploader asadqw

9 Biker Fixes
this is my francis and louis fixes now ported to l4d1 didnt really need to ... More >
Updated 09/01/20
Uploader MrSoldier115
Author Rise

10 Kimono Girl Transparent Chrome Shotgun
Audio Weapons
un mod para l4d1 a mod for l4d1 este mod lo en encontraras en steam worksho... More >
Updated 08/30/20
Uploader Martinsonoda_145

Popular Content (Monthly)
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
Get to the trainstation, to escape from City 17. Contains hidden combines and... More >
Updated 12/27/10
Uploader mixmedia
Author Mixmedia

2 L4D DLC Update 1.9 Complete
Audio GUI Scripts
For its proper functioning: Read CHANGELOG to see the link in MEGA and MediaF... More >
Updated 08/01/20
Uploader yacery

3 Deathcraft (L4D1) V1.1
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
As the last minecarts leave the town, the survivors are forced to find anothe... More >
Updated 02/11/12
Uploader rtsdeathreaper

4 Military Industrial Complex (corrected)
6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
You start out in a shipping dock and work your way deep into the fabled Safe ... More >
Updated 08/16/20
Uploader Vaz2107
Author Garbage Boy

5 Dead Ride.
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
He's gone on the road that he won't be in town Fix 08/12/20 last map 2 to 3 ... More >
Updated 08/12/20
Uploader Kairik
Author silverragout

6 Death Aboard
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the neares... More >
Updated 08/20/11
Uploader Diputs
Author Diputs

7 l4d_crossfire
Survival Campaign
crossfire most popular half-life 1 map.Optimized for Survival Mode More >
Updated 08/21/20
Uploader joseluis_56

8 Silent Hill 1
2 Maps Co-Op Campaign
This is based on the first Silent Hill game for the Playstation. Warning, thi... More >
Updated 03/04/10
Uploader Leafo
Author Leafo

9 GaryHUD
Some small parts of LeftGUI and RBHUD have been used, comes with 7 optional c... More >
Updated 08/09/20
Uploader Lv
Author Gary

10 Hell's Forest
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
I of starts to make new campaign Hell's Forest,I hope campaign to you it is p... More >
Updated 08/11/20
Uploader Kairik

Die Trying Left 4 Dead
The campaign kicks off with 4 survivors ready to take staying alive to the limit. Stuck near the bus depot after the bus they were driving crashed into a building, no longer able to drive, they are on foot. Travel your way through the streets and urban areas back to the outskirts of the city.
View Changelog (v1.1 Complete)
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