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  • Pros:

    -Looks good.
    -Works real well.
    -Great addition for TF2 Survivors.
    -Perfect for TF2 fans.


    -First person arms look a bit jagged and squashed.
    -Friendly fire incidents can occur if used with the Painis Cupcake Witch skin. (No points deducted)
    -No facial expressions (No points deducted)


    It's a good mod. A must for TF2 fans far and wide. Having all the mercs would be very cool. Just don't use it with the Painis Cupcake Witch skin, though. 

Published Items

  • Mod
    Painis Cupcake (Witch)

    Painis Cupcake is finally here to shred you to pieces!!! Don't make him mad, or else he's coming for you... (Includes a soundmod that replaces the Witch's themes and music with those of Painis Cupcake) Credit to 1337gamer15 for the L4D2...

  • Mod
    Painis Cupcake Witch [SOUNDMOD]

    There are 3 things the Witch and Painis Cupcake have in common. They are very dangerous, you gotta stay away from them, they shred you to pieces, and you gotta stay away from them, so that's why I made this mod. because it fits. :D The r...


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