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    - It's the beta smg from 2008!
    -flashlight on the bottom!!!!
    -flashlight on the bottom heeeel yeah


    -doesn't have VM (-0.5)
    -Brokes beta survivors 1st arms
    -Doesn't include the beta texture for smg, but i have that so no point decrease.


    -Thank you for this amazing smg, i have been waiting for it for a long time now, if you could add flashlight to the left side pistol next? maybe it would be possible. And please, add the VM, will be sooo sick! and fix so beta survivors arms on 1st won't bug.

Published Items

  • 4 Maps
    Cold Stream (Beta)

    Hello everyone! I found this lying on my personal archives, the very first version of Cold Stream, that was playable in 2013, when Cold Stream was just in beta testing. For my personal preference, i loved this version of Cold Stream more...

  • Mod
    Beta-Style Radial Menu

    Hello everyone! This is the beta radial menu, how it used to be like in 2007 version and the early 2008 version of Left 4 Dead, but then Valve scrapped it, and replaced it with some boring white lines and text, valve logic <--- But yeah,...

  • Mod
    L4D2 Modified Talker (norepeat disabled)

    WATCH THE VIDEO DOWN BELOW!!!! So. Long time ago i noticed that when u do some vocalize commands with the modified talker, u can only do them like 10 times a map. and the reason was 'norepeat'. So i removed the norepeat. I have not creat...

  • Mod
    Left 4 Dead Beta 2008 Sounds

    Very well. Since there is no 2008 Beta sounds seen on l4dmaps, so i'm going to release ones my self. Here they are. Enjoy, and watch the video below for showcase. :) Don't forget to snd_rebuildaudiocache after install. :)

  • Mod
    L4D1 Music Pack

    Switches L4D2 Music sounds with the ones from L4D1, like the Puddeofyou, iamsocold and many more. This mod is to give the old feeling to the L4D2, i know this has been done by somepeople already, but i wanted to do my own, so everyone wh...

  • Mod
    The Parish Early Tower-Alarm Sound

    An early gameplay video shows, that L4D2 had an nuke sounding alarm, when on the tower-alarm part on the map. So i decided to bring it back, and if you like it as i do, just download it. :)

  • Mod
    Radial Menu (13menus) VPK

    READ DESC!!!: just a nice radial menu with all stuff you need to annoy your team, or just have fun. HERE ARE THE BINDS: bind key '+mouse_menu General' bind key '+mouse_menu AllSurv' bind key '+mouse_menu AllSurv2' bind key '+mouse_men...

  • Map
    City Circle of Madness

    READ CHANGELOG FOR UPDATES!...(Watch the video down below.... A Survival map placed on a of Big City. Lots of vehicles and barricades and place for infected. Have done so much since 0.3 update. Hope you like it. =)


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