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    I don't see the reason to make pros on this mod.




    Would you stop making these shit mods? Are you blind or something? First of all this is unfair for other players, this is for noobs. I'll report this and everyone should do the same because this is like cheating. .l.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Do you really think having slightly clearer vision during the five seconds you're biled makes a huge difference in Versus? Hardly.
      And if someone wants to cheat on Versus, they have much easier and far more exploitable methods for doing so. And there's not really anything you can do about that, save playing on some server that prevents use of addons, if those even exist anymore. You're fighting a losing battle there, and I don't think it's a battle worth fighting to begin with.
    • That must be because all you play is Campaign or Survival. Do you even play Versus or Scavenge, if you did you would understand my problem.
    • I see nothing wrong with it. No reason to report it either.
    • What are you talking about? I'm actually trying to help players with the same problem. Also: "Would you stop making these shit mods? Are you blind or something? " suggests you have no problem seeing through it yourself. Which is clearly not how Valve intended it, so what's your secret? The aforementioned brightess set uber high? That's cheating just as bad. And I even catered to your problem with the mod by making it more distorted than the screen Valve uses, so why the low rating still?
    • There are tons of players who adjust their brightness to the max to see. There are also tons of players who use mods who completely remove it. Also, read the discription. My pc is next to a window, and if the sun shines in it boomer bile makes things impossible, no matter how well your eyes are. You don't have to agree, I'm not saying you should use it all the times.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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