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  • Pros:

    -Nice model
    -Good animation


    -No custom sound


    Very good animation and model but there is no custom sound, but then again we can customise the sound and still have the model.

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  • Mod
    Smg silenced sound

    Seems to be working fine, I changed the sound to fit the silenced smg well instead of the default one where it doesn't sound silenced at all.

  • Mod
    Magnum custom sound

    Customised the Magnum sound, again with the pistol one. Server's with sv_pure 1 enabled will not work so there is nothing I can do about it.

  • Mod
    L4d2 custom pistol sound
    Beta N/A

    I changed the sound of the pistol (only single not dual). I will add a dual sound to it but now, only single pistol's have the sound (you can have it on dual but it'll play the custom sound and the default) NOTE: Server's with sv_pure 1 ...


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