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  • Short, but intense.

     - Custom music.
     - Each map is very distinct from each other with game play.
     - No nav issues, bots followed reliably even under stress.
     - Short, can be quick to get through with experience.
     - Witches on first map can a problematic.
     - Final flight of stairs on Finale has common infected spawning in front of survivors. Nearly impossible to escape without a melee weapon.
    I enjoyed this campaign. It is short, but even then each map had a specific gimmick to keep things intense in that short while. For the first map, there's witches everywhere, like Hard Rain. The witches could be a problem since they could be seen before you find a shotgun, but even then crowning a wandering witch is extremely easy even on Expert and beyond. Plus, bots are naturally immune to startling her with bullet fire, so you only have to worry about navigation. The second map has rather standard game play of moving from saferoom to saferoom. However, the middle of it has a gauntlet where you must deactivate three generators. The generators aren't out of the way at all, and they also have an outline to them. With a bile or even a pipe bomb, this event is no problem, I liked it. I thought it was similar to the one from The Parish, since you have to take a rather round about path through the construction site to reach the finale generator, meanwhile the infected can simply climb a wall to reach you quickly, so there is good difficulty. Lastly, the finale. The finale layout is a bit strange, given that supplies such as health is strewn rather haphazardly around instead of in a key location, and there doesn't seem to be a defensible ammo cache. However, the sheer amount of gun pickups strewn around rather maps up for this. A very good place I found was the far right corner of the warehouse which had a single staircase. This staircase can have an assault rifle, meaning it's very good to wait here and only come down to fight the Tanks. When the second Tank has been killed, you must run back to where the finale entrance is to press a button to enable escape, which I can see as tedious if you have no grenade or adrenaline. But then you must ascend a flight of stairs to reach the rescue. These stairs are very narrow and common infected are spawned directly above and in front of your path, so getting through it is extremely difficult without a melee weapon.
    I enjoyed it very much still. Maps look fine without any obvious errors or brush geometry, and the custom music sounds good. It's clear where to go and it's clear when infected will attack. Very well made.

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