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    Barlowe Square Origin [Escape]

    The Barlowe Square version before the split into two maps with some small modification. - Added additional contents from TWZ to replace the clone corpses on the streets with custom corpses. - Created custom loading screen and icon for B...

  • Map
    Highschool of the Zed

    Last time updated: 01-01-2020 - - Map description ==================================================================================== First of all, something very important: You may encounter some jumpscares on my map. Play it at your o...

  • Mod
    The Rotten Mirror

    What happens if you still receive consciousness even after being a zombie? Will you kill for brains? Will you still fight for mankind? Let's find it out in this addon! Features: - This addon will change the survivors to their undead cou...

  • Mod
    CCL's Playerzombie Respawn Fix

    This addon removes the gamebreaking Playerzombie respawn system on all escape maps. Wut? What respawn system? ==================================================================================================== It was a WIP feature from...


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