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    This was the best scrip mod in l4d2 history. i was using this like 3-4 years. i wish u could update it. maybe u dont play the game anymore (same here but i get back to it now) but if you update this mod you will make people like me very very happy. also quick question, when my BHOP is on sometimes game crashes from various servers, what can cause that problem? any idea?
    btw im still waiting the update! :)
    • Thank you so much! I have heard from different people over the years that said they were enjoying this script above all else. It makes me happy to hear :)
      I stopped playing the game, and thus stopped updating it. Although I did play a game for fun 2 months ago, and many functions was actually still working.
      Didn't test ALL the features, but a lot of it was still working.
      I am currently modding other games atm, and if I ever get the time or urge to come back to L4D - I will ofc have a look at updating this baby! :)

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