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  • Pros:

    * Brilliant new chineses setting
    * new enemies with great ammounts of creativity and imagination used
    * Chinese witches!!!
    * New or previously unused weapons
    * panicevents which are intense but fair
    * quite challenging even for skilled players.


    * finale is suicide (with bots, strangers, or untrustworthy people)
    * few buttons took a while to launch had to keep pressing them but they worked eventually
    * Finale Tractor took me 3 goes to figure out how to push it properly


    This is definatley worth a download it's creative, intense and comes up with many new ways to keep you moving or grind you to a halt.
    It has a great Chinese cultural feel to it as well as a spectacular opening.
    I would imagine this being difficult for new players or people with low end computers which gets high ammounts of lag however non the less I suggest giving it a try.

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