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  • Pros:

    Nice level design
    Nice events
    Good NAV
    Possible to escape on finale


    Author should add some props on places, where survivors can't go due to invisible walls
    Should add some hints all around the maps (especially, map 2, where you should go through a wagon and burn cans)
    Add more melee weapons on 1st map
    Remake rocks in water (1st map), because they're unwalkable (you're inside them)


    Nicely done campaign, I love it. You've made my day, Sir!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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  • Mod
    1v1 Mutation

    In this mutation you will challenge Special Infected and few of zombies. Features: SI are only Jockeys, Hunters, Chargers, Tanks and Witches BOT SI doesn't spawn (only if the player has spawned SI and became a Tank) Weapons - Tier 1 onl...


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