My name is Hunter Marquis. I am a huge fan of left 4 dead and I have commited my self to creating the best campaigns i can for other left 4 dead fans. If you have any qestions about my maps or campaigns please feel free to send me a comment or email at hu

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  • Pros:

    + Based on Silent Hil.
    + Loved the feel of most of the maps.
    + A different take on Left 4 Dead.
    + Love the custom Silent Hill monster models.
    + The parts with the witch pretty much scaried me. lol
    + Weapon and Item placement where smart.
    + When its dark... Its Dark...


    - I felt as the levels went on that they started getting a little sloppyer, but that my have be because this was such a large project.


    This maps is with out a dought worth the download, if you like large maps, exporing, and silent hill this is the campaign for you. keep up the good work man. 

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