Silent Hill 1

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    - Great foggy atmosphere; really keeps to Silent Hill theme
    - Puzzles that are much like the ones you'd find in the game.
    - Great layout.
    - Day and night cycle, which increased the eery horror theme.
    - Intriguing as every time I came away from it, when I back, I had to continue just to see what happened next. 
    - Brilliant jump scare (which I wish I had videoed!) 
    - Long campaign.


    - The long campaign got tedious at times.
    - It was hard to navigate around, especially in the first chapter. It was hard to work out what street you were on.
    - Kept losing the safe room in the first chapter which made it more tedious
    - Started off playing with one other person and ended up having to ask two more to help us work out some of the puzzles. 


    I really enjoyed this map. My friend is an avid Silent Hill fan, so when I started playing it, i had to show it him. He was very impressed also. I really want to play more maps like this, so maybe a Silent Hill 2?!?!??! Keep up the good work! -0.5 because of the tediousness and (few) arguments it caused between us, but still fun, none the less!

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