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  • Pros:

    *Burst-fire M16A2, as it should be
    *Real nice model detail
    *Stock sounds fit the burst fire of the M16 well
    *Wear detailing, duct tape repair(s) as a used M16A2 would have
    *Reload animation is cool and fits well


    *Handguard foregrip wasn't necessary, but it's quite acceptable considering how flawless the rest of the skin is
    -Foregrip could be attached directly to the handguard holes, so it's reasonable 


    If you want a burst-fire M16, this is your skin. No, really. No tacti-cool red-dots, fancy PEQ lazers, none of it. Just the A2 as issued. Would be nice if it could replace the game's M16 in L4D1 campaigns (would make more sense), but that's a personal issue. 10/10

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