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  • Pros:

    + Phenomenal display. 
    + Difficult.
    + Limited supplies.
    + Prop placement. 
    + Extensive in length.
    + Skybox fits the environment. 


    - Hunting Rifle location glitchy.
    - Light placement. 


    The area around the Hunting Rifle is critically flawed, the zombies just fall down below the surface of where we are and don't really attempt in chasing us when staying where the pipebomb and molotovs are. The light in the Hunting Rifle area, you could get stuck behind it. I'd recommend pulling it out a bit further to avoid that. Overall it's an enjoyable survival map with great looking graphics throughout the map. Pretty open, not such a tight map. Your choice of props were understandable, didn't have any unnecessary props or placements.

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