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Hello, I Am Vincentor0. I Love Animating Tf2 Characters (Like My Profile Picture) I Review Campaigns/Maps Sometimes I Might Upload Some Campaigns And Maps..... ...But I Can't Get Any Zombies In My Maps (Survival Only)

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    + It's in a VPK format!
    + Good quality on the texture of the bat
    + Better then the original skin IMO


    - Nothing bad about it


    Great skin! Good thing it doesn't replace the baseball bat. Good job in packaging it, you don't see alot of  these packaged skins.

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  • Mod
    Painis Cupcake for Hunter
    Beta N/A

    Something i created in spare time, replaces the Hunter's sounds to Painis Cupcake's lines. Video coming soon. Please check changelog first. Installation: put the .vpk into your addons folder. If you double click on the .vpk , i do...


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