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  • Not Bad Campaign

    This campaign should be named "Incoming Horde Every Minute Simulator"

    Edited: June 2022

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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  • Mod
    Vanilla Weapons RNG

    I DID NOT CREATE THESE SKINS ALL CREDITS GOES TO: Reveaper for weapon skins ihcorochris for Reshaded: Firearms A little Eileen for RNG script Only 1 skin is choosen for guns per map. The skins are merged with Reshaded: Fire...

  • Mod
    A-Trax Radial Menu

    THIS RADIAL MENU IS NOT A VOCALIZER MOD! Required mods to function: Left 4 Bots Admin System A-TRAX Radial Menu Features: >The mod adds more than 50 radial menus for both Left 4 Bots and Admin System and just ne...

  • Mod
    Distant Survivors Ambient Sounds

    This mod replaces the spooky campaigns music with terrified survivors screams and gun shots sounds. Also works with custom campaigns. This mod is inspired by Distant survivors fight sounds. Both mods works along side with each other. ...


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