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"Once again, only you survived, Mr.Death" the chopper pilot speaks with a cold bitterness. "Always only you,survive, Mr.Death,"the pilot continues.But I do not respond to the pilot."The Death cannot die..."I think to myself with a warm smile...

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  • I expected more

    At first I was pumped to start this campaign but not even 5 minutes in with my brother it would crash on the first level when the police car hits tank it crashed about 4 times then finally it was fine after that,the next problem I ran into on map 1 was when you need fuel to gas up a generator, the L4D1 cast stops by on a boat and is suppose to give you the gas can when we first tried they didn't give us the gas can we spent 20 minutes running around before restarting the map then that time around they gave us the gas can, maps were a bit long but still fun and kept me interested I'd say my biggest disappointment was the finale after you finally make into the fallout bunker it just cuts and camera pans out and then says map was complete I must say it wasn't very satisfying and also noticed some optimizing that needed to be done in some areas, as for the rest of the map I must say the special effects and the textures and the lighting were on point I loved how detailed the map was and also loved the objectives in the map.
    Overall a good map if the issues I had didn't happen and finale was a bit more intresting I would of gave this a 5 star but for now it will have to sit with a 3.

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