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    -No animation problems of anything
    -Good sounds
    -Its funny to use




    Looks cool and original. Great idea!

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  • Mod
    MW3 SCAR-L

    This is a skin for the SCAR that makes it look like MW3's SCAR-L. As well as it has a black glowsights. I did not create this mod!!! It was created by OperatorShepard on the Steam Workshop. I take no credit for this mod. © Creative ...

  • Mod
    Deadpool Shirt & Short Shorts for Rochelle

    Gives Rochelle a Deadpool shirt and short shorts. There are more textures and details on the shirt and shorts. You just can't seem them in the pictures. The original model was made by k1chwa. If people like it I'll make more. Please ...

  • Mod
    Shovel (Cricket Bat)

    This mod replaces the cricket bat with a shovel. It uses the sounds from the frying pan. It goes with the shovel really well. Haha I did not make this mod!!! It was created by My Lanky. I just took out the katana sound file out making t...

  • Mod
    HK MP5SD Incendiary Gun fire Sound

    I did not make the gun fire fire sound! The gunfire sound was made by l4dkk. I combined his gun fire sound with an incendiary gun fire sound made by Valve. Read the change log for more details.


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