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Modders! If u want i can create character huds for u in l4d2 style :D just send me a priv :P

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    Just Awesome !!!!!!!!!
    Everything so detailed 


    there isn't  "Rochelle - The Aftermath" :(


    U really got it :D I hope u will make all the survivors like this :D especially Rochelle :D

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Published Items

  • Mod
    Silent Hill: Special Infected Pack (Optional)

    Special Infected models. Works only in both Silent Hill campaigns. In order to make it work this mod should be above campaign's vpk. This contains mission txt, so you need to download it again after campaign's update. If a host doensn't ...

  • Mod
    MKx Mileena's Sais For Machete

    MKx Mileena's Sais For Machete This is my very first weapon and animation mod, so pls don't be so stone harted, i tried my best! Hope you guys like it ! Model, and Textures by Netherealm Studios Materials, Animations,Blood textures and...

  • Mod
    Adventurer Rochelle
    Beta 9.4

    My love became more beautyfull :D I just wanna say thanks for MR. Funeral and Lt.Rocky for helping me with vomited textures :D - face texture by miztaegg -Body and clothes from Deadfall Adventures (Jennyfer Clothes) -Hair from Sims 3 ( i...

  • Mod
    Chris Walker (Outlast)- Charger

    I really in love with Outlast :D it's a very spooky adn good game :D so i decided to make a mod with the Big monster :D Chris Walker :D im planning to make sound mod too but i dunno how to ripp the sounds from the game :I so maybe i won...

  • Mod
    Zoey in Kat's outfit

    -Longer hair -better clothes -incapp. image -vomited texture -fps arms -a bit makeup The clothes from Devil May Cry Hope u like it guys :D its not perfect, i know, but im a new modder so keep it in mind when u play with her :3 Original...

  • Mod
    Sillent Hill Nurse-Witch

    The sexy,but ugly Nurse from Sillent Hill, replaces the Witch my first model mod :D -jigglebones (boobs) also has custom footstep sounds for high heels :D Hope u like it :D FIXED INVISIBLE PROBLEM !!!!!!! ( Thanks Angela^^ <3)

  • Mod
    Tomb Raider Music

    Replaces: Escape music Ending music Tank music Witch music STmusics unalive music Cpmusic Death Music safe music I'm a really big fan of Tomb Raider! (i was 6 when i first met with Lara C. and now i'm 18 and still love her) So exactl...

  • Mod

    People don't like Rochelle. And its sad :( Maybe with this skin you will love her :D (at least her look) So hope you like it :D Enjoy :D UPDATE// -Fixed bumpmap -Fixed alphamaps //Now only the blood shining -Added more dirt

  • Mod

    Musics: - Puscifer - The Undertaker (Renholder Mix) - Breathing - Yellowcard - 7 Minutes in Heaven - Fall Out Boy - Demon Speeding - Rob Zombie Hope u like it ! :D

  • Mod
    The True Spitter

    Sharper and darker. More blood and more evil :D Hope u Like it :D Fixed the gloss problem... i'll upload new screenshots soon! (but first i have to go to school :I :D )

  • Mod
    Spongebob First Aid Kit
    Beta N/A

    For Spongebob fans ! :D I will make an update for this, just need some help to make invisible the black lines (i mean the handles of the first aid). I tryed to made it invisible but, then it turns to white, so i keeped this version. If a...


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