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Zombie games all the way,baby. Well,exept for RE,i dont like the series. Games i like to play: L4D2,Stubbs The Zombie,Dead Rising 2,Killing Floor,Portal 2,Zombie Panic Source,Alien Swarm. Looking forward to Dead Island aswell.

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    Hawaian Shirt
    Colorfull pants,definetly 70's/80's
    Better than the original smoker
    Lots of details




    Great smoker skin,definetly worth a try.

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    This is an old charger skin,was once my favourite. All credit goes to XxCRAZYPOTATOxX for the skin,i just uploaded it,since it was my fav charger skin even if i didnt like RE that much. I will make better screens when i have the time.

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    Quarterback Hunter


    This is a skin i requested long ago,thought i'd share it. Its the old Charger placeholder from the L4D2 Beta,recreated by JayXsane. Its also my signature skin. Credit goes to JayXsane.

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