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  • This is mind**** and classic!!

    Alright first thing first i didn't expect any thing from this map. I hope it just another survival dead horde and and hold out for Rescue but nooooo Ch 2-3 give me ultimate goose bump. I was stunned by a huge amount of dead bodies!! The story is very unique and interesting. I love how they put a 2001: Space Odysseys reference into it and mash between an issue of mind and soul and universe. It might sound very funny but for me, this is just a bit scary. And a relative to Half Life 2's easter egg that is so AWESOME! Only finale just a bit dizzy from too colorful but i understand why they put that script into this (I just read description from page btw) Where the hell are Med kit, pills or shots in finale (I found it was a bit struggle for me). And last thing of this map is God...It's just goose bump and MIND F*** in 2.34 AM ). This is by far....By far perfect map. All that you need to do after read this is to loading and try it with your self :) Superb Map

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