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I'm a pretty cool chick who loves to play custom campaigns. I have a YouTube channel and I upload some of my playthroughs of the custom maps I play. Add me on Steam: xMissyChrissyx

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    -A lot of places to explore.
    -New challenges, bridge lowering and gascan events before the end of the campaign.
    -Unique saferooms.
    -Long chapters
    -Very cool areas to run around
    -Lots of throwables.


    -Very repetitive.
    -Bot nav isn't the best, kept having Nick get stuck everywhere and dying.
    -Every tank we had spawned near cars, had a few wipes due to it throwing cars (not your fault, just annoying lol)
    -Cut and paste some sections right out of Death Toll and Dead Air.
    -Multiple horde events on each map made it a little too challenging.
    -Tons of first aid kits did offset the horde events, but I got very frustrated.
    -Map levels were a tad bland.
    -Some z fighting and lighting errors here and there, as well as some cubemap errors.
    -The part in map 3 where you have to hit the radio to fill up the tank...it was pointing to the actual radio on the table when it wanted you to click the radio on the dead soldier. Took me a long time to figure it out.


    It's a good map, but it got so repetitive that it could barely hold my interest when I was playing it. It needs to be less "city maze run run run run" and needs more unique atmospheres. I did love the tank event, though. Very cool. The whole map needs to be cool though, I almost stopped playing because I was bored. :\

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