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  • The maps gave us a bad experience

    -Great Tank MOD (In stage 1 and 2)
    -Great Map Design
    -Too many BUGs
    1.My teammates usually sudden death,with unknown reason
    2.Weapons was set on some ridiculous places,such as in the sky(In stage 3)
    3.Sometimes player may drop outside of the map(In stage 3)
    -Texture lost
    -Too many TANKs in stage 1
    -Poor supply
    Although these maps' desgin are so good,my friends still complained that the maps gave them a bad experience,because of  too many BUGs.I suggest that map authors should fix the BUGs ASAP.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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    Team Fortress 2 Menu Music

    Hello Everyone,This is Team Fortress 2 Menu Music Add-on.This Add-on is replace original Left 4 Dead 2 Menu Music.This Addon has 5 TF2's music.After Download,Enjoy it!

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    Hello everyone, this is my first time making maps. This map environment shabby. but terrain is good , you make good use of it. GlassRock included rock music, the 12-minute or so, lets rock! This post is my attempt, was also the first ti...


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